Rory Doona

  • Freelance Digital Artist, Designer and Silly Comic Maker
  • Bristol, UK

Professional artist and story creator with 8 years experience, currently working on 2 web comics and various freelance commissions.


Webcomic Artist at Manga Entertainment

Created the artwork for 30 episodes of ‘Know Your Anime’ a webcomic for Manga Entertainment the biggest anime distributor in the UK.

Game Environment Artist at Aardman Animations

I created all the environment art for Aardman’s ‘Wizard’s vs Aliens – the eye of Bashtarr’ game for CBBC.

Record Sleeve Graphic Designer at Demon Music Group

I have created over 50 records sleeves for Demon Music UK – the UK’s biggest independent record label.

Graphic Design Apprentice at Bath & North East Somerset Council

I completed a year long modern apprenticeship in Graphic Design at Bath council.

Illustrator at The Yogscast

I have created various illustrations for Youtube gaming sensations ‘The Yogscast’, including a large illustration for their new ‘Diggy Diggy Book’.


Don't Panic Poster Selection, Don't Panic UK

40,000 + of my poster artwork ‘earth’ distributed across the UK.

Winning Poster Artist, SEGA

My “Rappy of Hope” Poster Art featured in SEGA’s Phantasy Star Portable 2 for players to unlock.

Daily Deviation Award,

26,000 + views on my ‘Far From Home’ illustration.


Aardman Animations, Manga Entertainment, Demon Records, Tokyopop, Diamond Books, Dentsu London, BBC