Space Therapist Game Concept

In the distant future mankind is near extinction, our few remaining colonies have become schools to the ancient art of Super Turbo Therapization.

Aliens travel across the Galaxy to seek help from these famous Super Therapizers. Demand for them is so high that Mankind has defrosted millions of new recruits from 21st century cryogenic storage.

You are one of these new recruits, with your past life now erased your mission is to become a Super Therapizer and learn this ancient art. The many aliens of the Galaxy are suffering and need your help!

You will run your own therapy practice and try to deliver a balanced and healthier customer at the end of every session, but if you should fail and send your customers away in an unbalanced state, you’ll risk the well being of them, everyone they know and most importantly your bank balance!

Pick the Aliens you want to help!

Rank up and take on harder clients with bigger rewards and risks!


  • Therapize thousands of unique Aliens and problems.

  • Experience a mixture of strategy and chance to guide your Aliens to personal breakthroughs and avoid costly ‘tragic incidents’.

  • Build trust and investigate the routes of their problems, learn about their lifestyle, relationships and childhood.

  • Rank up to access harder Aliens for bigger risks and rewards.

  • Earn rare items and special techniques to therapize in your own unique style, sometimes with controversial methods…

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