2D Game Art

  • For Various Clients

Level Environment Art for CBBC'S 'Wizards VS Aliens the Eye of Bashtarr'.

I was hired by Aardman animations to create all the environment art for ‘Wizards Vs Aliens Eye of Bashtarr’. This is the forest environment.

Here are some of the forest tiles pulled apart so you can get a sense of how the pieces fit together.

This is the cave level tiles, these were 2D sprites exported as .PNG’s with transparency.

Art Concept and Design of ‘Penguin Ahoy’ – a free IOS App.

I was provided with a game design document which I turned into this first colour illustration.

I created these key animation poses that were later animated in game.

Sprite Art.

Pixel art style

This was a fun and quick sandbox indie game made with developer at the Global Game Jam 2015.

Vector Icons.

Quick Concepts.