Character Design

As a subtle reminder I’m half price to commission at the moment I made Dr Robotnik’s Modern Art Exhibition.

I’ve been making 3D Voxel models of Aliens.

I made this Star Wars study painting this evening.
I really loved the new film and especially the included quote, sometimes you experience the right story at the right time I guess, this was one of those films for me.

A comic I made about the new Star Wars.

A comic I made about Metal Gear Solid.

This is episode 22 of my webcomic ‘Share Your Vulnerability’.
See the full series here

Trust me guys, I'm a real scientist.

I made this in reaction to the new Star Wars trailer, it looks bloody amazing.

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I did a New Comic!
Please note that Sloth's only need to go to the toilet once a week! They are literally amazing and please can someone give me one?

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My 'Where's Honeydew?' Illustration has had over 100,000 views since I posted it on the yogscast reddit yesterday! I'm blown away by the response and all the kind words, some people have been asking about the process so I've made this animated .gif of the process.

If you haven't heard of the Yogscast they make hilarious gaming videos

Just finished this Gigantic illustration, take a closer look here

Share Your Vulnerability - Episode 7.
I had some pretty brutal rejection issues come up recently so I made this comic.

Episode 6 of Share your vulnerability, it's about the feeling I get after contacting old friends on social media.

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